Are your bricks genuine LEGO?

Absolutely! All of our bricks are new and genuine LEGO, sourced from all over the world.

Are your bricks new?

Yes. All of our bricks are brand new.

Are your minifigures new? And how are they packed?

Yes, all of our minifigures are new. They are mostly assembled and packed into custom made zip-lock bags for shipping. A few minifigures may come un-assembled, however all accessories shown in the photo will be included also.

Where do you source your LEGO bricks from?

We source our bricks from all over the world, including here in Australia.

Do you have a shop front?

No we do not have a physical shop, however we do attend many markets on a regular basis.

Store Hours

Store hours: 24/7
Contact hours: Mon-Fri 8-5pm
Click and collect: Via pre-arranged times only. Please get in touch via our Contact Us page to arrange a time for collection before placing an order.

Are orders sent from Australia?

Yes, all orders leave from our warehouse here in Melbourne, We use Australia Post for our shipping. For more shipping information, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.

What does “Trans” mean?

Trans is simply a shortening of Transparent. LEGO comes in solid colours and transparent colours.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with us though our Contact Us page.